Munchie Records

De ma rencontre en 2007 avec MoShadee – rappeur newyorkais, est immédiatement ressortie une complémentarité qui nous a fait collaborer à de multiples reprises jusqu’en 2012 où il semblait évident que nous devions allons plus loin : nous avons créé le duo CM Jones aux sonorités hip-hop bien sûr, mais pas que !

Le premier EP « Our World » a vu le jour sur le label Nowadays Records et le premier album « Perfect Hand Off » sur le label Ascetic Music en 2013. Notre sensibilité artistique qui oppose et réunit à la fois Marseille et New York avait besoin d’avoir son propre label, sa propre couleur créative, c’est ainsi que Munchie Records a vu le jour en 2013 avec la première version vinyle de notre album. « Motions » le 2è album de CM Jones est sorti en 2016, particulièrement bien accueilli par la critique, et d’autres projets mijotent actuellement.

Munchie Records est un label indépendant qui porte haut les valeurs artistiques du hip-hop, répercutant son histoire, son énergie et sa résonnance sociétale, de la cité phocéenne à la grosse pomme ! Nous avons la chance de produire des artistes choisis, dont l’état d’esprit et la sensibilité font échos aux nôtres.

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Hailing from french sunny-side Marseille, Munchie Records is an indie label specialized in intellectually and artistically defensible Hip Hop. That sounds pretty snooty, isn’t it ? But it’s the bare naked truth. Munchie Records is a creative household specializing in « the feel good » of sight & sound. We aim to only exert what we genuinely feel and take much pride in providing the right vibes and energy.




French producer from Marseille, France. He is one of the most respected local hip hop producer for his dedication, spirit & technic. He is one of the first to work on the international level with projects with AG (from Showbiz & AG), Roc Marciano, Conway, Big Pooh between others and he is the co-founder of CM Jones alongside with NJ lyricist MoShadee. He is also a pro video director and is behind all the Munchie's videos.



Between soul and future bass, Melyn's voice fits perfectly, subtle and delicate, humility as leitmotiv. We feel her will to pay tribute to her idols (Erykah Badu, Aaliyah, Mary J Blige) while bathing in the era of new icons such as Jhene Aiko or SZA. Through twenty minutes of avant-garde productions designed by Jon Edoo (featuring the sharp ear of producer Creestal), we let ourselves comfortably embark on a vibrant universe.



Hailing from New Jersey, MoShadee is widely considered as one of its top prospect around. He released a bunch of solo efforts and collab tapes with the likes of Moruf, Thelonius Martin among others before joining forces with Creestal to create the CM Jones brand.


MC & Producer

D.Dand is an MC and Producer based out of Montclair, NJ. He is a member of the hiphop collective Beat Lampers.

CM Jones


Creestal and MoShadee are CM Jones. A physical “face to face” meeting didn’t take place during their first interaction with each other. Creestal, the producer, lives in Marseilles. MoShadee, the rapper, lives in New Jersey. They joined forces and shaped their own identity. And, the fact of the matter is, those two know they couldn’t have dreamed a better union.



A founding member of the New Jersey music & art collective Beat Lampers, Ninety-Nine hails from the hub of Northern New Jersey where its most influential artists to this day have stepped out of to embark on their musical journeys.